10 Top Athletes Take our Tongue-Tying #FASTCHEW Challenge

Oct 28, 2015

10 Top Athletes Take our Tongue-Tying #FASTCHEW Challenge
Earlier this week, we published our recap of Ironman Kona 2015, which you can view here. Now it’s time for a little Kona-related fun. While we were in Kona to help support athletes, a number of top pros and age-groupers took our #FASTCHEW Challenge. If you haven’t seen the details on our new FASTCHEW product, check out this blog post or read up on the specifics here. Otherwise, enjoy the fierce competition below. If you have a favorite, retweet the video or send the athlete a shoutout! As you probably know, triathletes are a competitive, Type-A bunch, and we would all love a little encouragement. Think you can challenge the pros? Upload a #FASTCHEW Challenge video of your own! Post it to Twitter (@SaltStick), Facebook (/SaltStickProducts) or Instagram (@therealsaltstick) and tag us, using the #FASTCHEW hashtag. We just might share your video with our followers. In the meantime, check out how these top triathletes (and one adorable extra!) did in the challenge. Remember to send your favorite a shoutout on social media.

1. Ronnie Schildknecht, (5x Ironman Switzerland Winner, 4x Ironman Kona Participant), @ronschildknecht:

2. Romain Guillaume, (Ironman Lazarote Winner, Ironman Mont Tremblant Winner), @RomGuillaume:

3. Bryan Rhodes, (5x Iromman Winner), @Rhodseylive:

4. Maya, (The cutest #FASTCHEW Challenge participant):

5. Brad Culp, (Editor of LAVA Magazine), @bbculp:

6. Emilio De Soto, (Owner of DeSoto Sport), @desotosport:

7. Michellie Jones, (2x Ironman World Champion), @GoMichellie:

8. Dirk Bockel, (2008 Olympics; 2013 Challenge Roth Champion), @dirkbockel:

9. Luke McKenzie, (2nd-place finisher at Ironman Kona 2013, 7x Ironman Winner), @lukemckenzie:

10. Claudia Spooner (Triathlon Coach at iRuniTri), @irunitri: