Three athletes riding bikes on a desert trail with blue sky behind.

Alete is born from the idea that
we are for all Athletes

Our Mission

We believe in the far-reaching health benefits of living an active life. We see a tremendous
opportunity to bring the rewards of an active life and optimal sports nutrition to athletes of all
sports, skill levels, genders, ages, geographies, abilities, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Our Founders

Our company’s story is rooted in our founders’ experiences and their desires to deliver better fuel
and nutrition to active people

Jess Cerra

A former professional cyclist and chef who created delicious, real-food based nutrition to sustain her on long bike rides.

Jonathan Toker

A professional triathlete and runner, with a background in science and chemistry, who invented an electrolyte combination to better meet the needs of athletes like himself.

Jason Winn

A triathlete and former D1 football quarterback who experimented with ways to combine the quick energy of a gel with the slow-burn energy of a bar.

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