Introducing Race Ready! Built for elite performance

Mar 15, 2022

Introducing Race Ready! Built for elite performance

SaltStick has long been a strong advocate for clean sport, relying on high-quality ingredients and independent product testing since the company was founded in 2008. Today, that commitment continues with the launch of a new electrolyte capsule line called Race Ready, which we made specifically for athletes who need to make informed decisions about what they put in their body when training and competing.

Bottles of Race Ready Caps and Race Ready Caps Plus

Providing the highest level of assurance.

The Race Ready line consists of two products: Race Ready Caps and Race Ready Caps Plus (formerly SaltStick Caps Plus). Both are Informed Sport Certified, meaning every lot is tested by third-party LGC Science before entering the market to safeguard against banned substances, providing the highest level of assurance to athletes, dieticians and coaches.

“A growing number of companies understand that clean sport benefits everyone and are stepping up to share the responsibility for maintaining a fair competing environment,” said Ben Hoffman, seven-time Ironman champion and SaltStick-sponsored athlete. “Professional athletes must go to great lengths to avoid accidentally ingesting a banned substance. Partnerships like Informed Sport require significant investment, but their certification offers tremendous assurance.”

Like all SaltStick products, Race Ready helps athletes maintain performance by replacing a full spectrum of electrolytes that closely mirrors the breakdown found in sweat. SaltSticks’s scientific formula and clean ingredients are designed to help minimize heat stress, fatigue and muscle cramping due to dehydration. Made specifically with elite athletes in mind, Race Ready products are formulated with sodium citrate to help reduce stomach discomfort.

Each serving of SaltStick Race Ready Caps Plus features the addition of 30 mg of caffeine for a legal ergogenic boost. Caffeine has been shown in many studies, shared in our blog post, Why is There Salt in Sweat, to act as an aid to sports performance, increasing sprint performance, strength, alertness and endurance.

“The commitment to clean sport is ingrained in our company’s DNA,” said Jess Cerra, professional gravel cyclist and vice president of product and community development at SaltStick’s parent company, Alete Active Nutrition. “So many elite athletes already rely on SaltStick to fuel their training and racing; we’re excited to take that commitment to the next level with our partnership with Informed Sport for the launch of Race Ready.”

The suggested use for Race Ready products is one (1) capsule with water every 30-60 minutes during physical activity. Race Ready products are available in two formats: 100-count bottles and 4-cap packets. See our Race Ready collection.