How We're Helping Katie Visco Run Across Australia

Apr 18, 2019

katie visco run across australia
katie visco run across australia In a few short months, an American athlete named Katie Visco will attempt to run across the entire continent of Australia, and we'll be along for the ride! We recently wrote a guest post for her blog that details how we'll be supporting her journey. Here is a short excerpt (You can read the full blog here). What may look simple on the outside—putting one foot in front of the other—actually requires almost every major system in our bodies to successfully coordinate. Lungs, heart, bloodstream, muscles, nerves, sweat glands, stomach, bones, hormones, the brain. They all have a role to play. But, equally, they are costly to use, and our bodies require a mix of calories, water and electrolytes to keep the slew of systems running. Most reasonably-fit people like Katie have enough stored reserves of these resources to sustain an easy two to three hour effort or a hard one-hour effort. But just like a gasoline-powered car without fuel will not start no matter how well-charged the battery may be, once we burn through these reserves, we can’t continue. It doesn’t matter how badly we want to go on; once we’re empty, we’re forced to slow down. Otherwise, some pretty nasty side effects can result, like cramping, extreme headaches or nausea. Continue reading on Katie's blog.