We’ve got a new look! Check out SaltStick’s updated packaging

Sep 14, 2021

We’ve got a new look! Check out SaltStick’s updated packaging

Today, we’re excited to unveil new packaging designs at SaltStick! Featuring a bolder, more modern look, the updated bottles and packets will start appearing online and in U.S. stores this year, with non-U.S. versions launching in 2022.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Updated product descriptions: We got our start in the long-distance endurance world, but SaltStick is ideal for anyone who sweats, including athletes of all abilities, outdoor workers, and anyone who can benefit from increased electrolyte consumption. We changed our product descriptions to better reflect this growing community.

  • Modernized color scheme, and updated logo: Let’s face it: Our previous labels looked a little dated. We’re excited to introduce bolder colors, modern fonts, larger text and an updated version of the SaltStick logo. We’ve also adopted a more prominent Vitassium logo to support Vitassium as its own brand.

  • New product feature callouts: Today, transparency around manufacturing and quality of ingredients matters more than ever. We’ve been committed to quality since our start in 2006: All of our products are gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO, and many of them are suitable for plant-based diets. The new labels include callouts that quickly identify these features.

“We designed our new packaging to show how SaltStick can be an effective hydration solution for people from all sports, backgrounds, abilities, and nutritional choices or needs,” said Jess Cerra, VP of Product and Community Development, and professional gravel cyclist. “At the same time, we kept a focus on the unique benefits of SaltStick as the only family of products specifically designed to mirror the electrolyte breakdown found in sweat.”

Despite the new look, nothing about the products themselves has changed, including formulation, our commitment to quality or the source of our ingredients.

As another important update, SaltStick Caps and FastChews labels now include the Informed Choice logo, which signifies regular third-party testing for banned substances. Products undergo rigorous testing using accredited methods to provide the highest level of assurance to athletes. You can find more information about the testing process at

“While our products have been independently tested and confirmed to not contain banned substances since our start in 2006, our partnership with the Informed certification program offers our community, including elite and professional athletes, an even greater level of confidence that SaltStick provides a clean source of electrolytes for training and racing,” said Jess.