We're Launching a Summer Campaign and Here Are the Details!

Jul 15, 2015

We're Launching a Summer Campaign and Here Are the Details!
ss Now that we’re in the middle of summer, you’ve probably had your fill of articles about heat adaptation, electrolytes and race nutrition. We thought we would up our game and launch a 30-day summer campaign, called #30SaltyDays, that will include a SaltStick giveaway, tons of race- and training-specific nutrition information, delicious recipes, and some awesome running/endurance bloggers! Interested? We thought so. Latest posts: Got a few questions? See below for our answers:

What is #30SaltyDays?

During the #30SaltyDays campaign, we’re going to educate YOU about the four major electrolytes lost through sweat (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium). Each week, a different electrolyte will be highlighted, and readers will learn things like how the electrolyte is used by the human body; examples of good, natural sources of the electrolyte; and examples of how professional athletes make use of the electrolyte in their nutrition strategy. Here is our schedule: July 20: Sodium Week July 27: Potassium Week August 3: Magnesium Week August 10: Calcium Week< We are also partnering with eight endurance/running bloggers, and we’ll be linking to guest posts throughout the 30-day event.

Why should I care?

We hope to give you key takeaways that you can apply to your own racing and training nutrition plans. Electrolytes are fundamental in any nutrition strategy, regardless of whether you live in the heat or cold. As we progress through the campaign, we’ll be sharing recipes, common natural sources of electrolytes, and the science behind how your body processes them. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better prepared to take on the next block of training.

That’s it? Knowledge? You’d at least think there would be a giveaway or something…

Oh, right. Thanks for the reminder! As part of the campaign, we’re offering a giveaway of our brand new product: SaltStick FASTCHEWS.

A new product? Tell me more about that!

SaltStick FASTCHEWS are tasty, bite-sized gems of the same electrolytes lost in sweat. They can be chewed or sucked like a candy. They are quite delicious and the unique dispensing method will ensure they are always on hand. Will your new favourite be Tangy Orange or Margarita Lemon-Lime?

That’s more like it! How do I enter this giveaway?

It’s easy! All you need to do is send out a tweet or Instagram photo using the hashtag #30SaltyDays between now and the end of the campaign on August 15. Be sure to tag us (using @SaltStick for Twitter and @therealsaltstick for Instagram)! Each post counts as one entry, so the more you post, the higher your chances of winning! We’ll randomly select a winner and reach out to you directly for shipping information. At this point we will only be able to ship within the USA, but we welcome all international followers to participate in the campaign, and may select a few lucky participants overseas. Product will be shipped as soon as available! Need a sample tweet? Try this: Curious about electrolytes? Check out #30SaltyDays from @SaltStick:

Who else is involved in #30SaltyDays?

We have eight participating bloggers that we’re excited to have on board:
  • MCM Mama Runs: Erika is a running mom who professes to be addicted to long-distance running, beer, and travel. Her blog is a great mix of training tips, motivational posts and crazy feats of endurance (like when she ran two marathons back to back).
  • 50 by 25: In 2006, Laura made it her goal to run one mile without stopping. In 2008, she decided to attempt her first marathon. In 2010, she broke the world record as the youngest woman to run a marathon in all 50 states, one month before her 25th birthday. She blogs about running (obviously), travel and career advice.
  • Smoke Training: For more than 15 years, John smoked over a pack of cigarettes per day. In 2009, he decided it was time for a change, and dove headlong into the world of endurance sports. Check out his blog for the story of how he progressed from smoking 26.2 cigarettes a day to running 26.2 miles. While you’re there, take a look at his review of SaltStick Caps.
  • Jill Will Run: Jill’s blog details her passion for running and health and her recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. A certified running coach, her message is that health is essentially an optimal expression of the genetic hand we’ve been dealt. She ran the Boston Marathon this spring and was nice enough to give SaltStick a shoutout!
  • Running with the Girls: Jen is a mother of two, full-time Special Educator and runner. A self-proclaimed running addict, her blog details her love of running with her girlfriends, kids, husband, and everyone else she comes in contact with. Check out her review of SaltStick Caps!
  • Lil’ Fancy Nancy: A mother and life-long athlete, Nancy provides running tips and motivational posts on her blog. Our favorite posts are her weekly “Monday Motivation” posts which always provide a great way to start the week!
  • Slowly Tri-ing: A runner, mother, dog-lover and triathlete, Michael’s blog is a fun mix of entertaining race reports, training and nutrition advice. She constantly challenges herself to improve, and her blog is the story of her journey. While you’re checking things out, make sure to read her SaltStick review!

These bloggers are awesome! How do I find them online?

We agree! We’ve been fans of their blogs for a while now, and we encourage you to check out their social media using the links above.

#30SaltyDays sounds awesome! How can I follow along?

We’ve got lots of content we’re planning on sharing throughout the campaign. To stay in the loop, be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our email list! Feel free to engage with us online by sending us a tweet or Facebook comment as well. If, at any time, you have any questions, you can contact us directly here.