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SaltStick FastChews Watermelon

SaltStick® FastChews® are delicious, chewable tablets that provide a similar ratio of electrolytes to what your body loses through sweat. Our scientific formula relies on cleanly sourced, buffered ingredients to help minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to dehydration, without causing stomach discomfort.

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Helps Reduce Heat Stress

Helps Reduce Muscle Cramping

Helps Maintain Electrolyte Levels

Helps Boost Stamina

Helps Reduce Heat Stress

Helps Reduce Muscle Cramping

Helps Maintain Electrolyte Levels

Helps Boost Stamina

FastChews are ideal for anyone who sweats, including athletes and outdoor workers, or in situations where you need a boost of electrolytes.*

How do I use them? It's in the name! FastChews are FAST-absorbing electrolytes designed to be CHEWed, not mixed with water. The electrolytes in FastChews are absorbed through the lining of your mouth, which studies have shown to take in nutrients 2-4x faster than the intestines. Chew FastChews or let them dissolve in your mouth; then wait 2-3 minutes before eating or drinking so the electrolytes have time to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

How often do I use them? Everyone is different, and your exact electrolyte needs will be based on your bodyweight, genetics, level of fitness, and outdoor temperatures. But in general, we recommend taking 1 FastChew every 15 minutes during exercise if you're consuming a sports drink, or 2 FastChews every 15 minutes if you're consuming plain water. 

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What's Inside

Contents per 2 Tablets

100 mg



30 mg



10 mg



6 mg




Natural Flavor
No ARTIFICIAL sweeteners
Gluten free
Informed Choice

FastChews Deep Dive

Made for anyone who sweats

If you sweat, you're losing electrolytes. Effective and portable, FastChews help keep you hydrated, avoid heat stress and prevent cramping, whether you're on the trails, on the court or on the job.

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The 'fast' in FastChews

The secret to our FastChews is the quick-dissolving tablet formulation. FastChews kickstart the electrolyte absorption process by entering the bloodstream through the ​lining of your mouth, which studies have shown to absorb nutrients 2-4x faster than through the small intestine.

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Informed Choice

SaltStick FastChews are regularly tested for banned substances under the Informed Choice program. Products undergo a rigorous, accredited four-step certification and testing process to provide ​athletes the highest level of assurance.

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What Athletes Have to Say

Amy D

“SaltStick Fastchews are my go-to for avoiding cramps during long distance runs. They definitely saved me during my 50k ultramarathon where I was out on hilly trails for over six hours non-stop. I love that they taste great and are easy to digest with or without water.”

Amanda G

“SaltStick FastChews are life-saving. After a horrible execution of 26.2 miles in hot and humid conditions then ending up in the end tent post finish line from dehydration, I discovered SaltStick as a to intake more sodium while training.”

Carrilyn R

“I started using FastChews during marathon training when I was having issues with calf cramping. They are incredible and absolutely work with the cramping. I highly recommend them if you are experiencing any calf or leg cramps.”

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.