Ironman Hawaii Results

Nov 10, 2011

Ironman Hawaii Results
It was another fantastic year of racing in Hawaii, with the Ironman World Championship wrapping up at midnight on Oct 8th. SaltStick athletes were out in full force, sporting the SaltStick dispensers on their bikes (saw many rolling into transition on Friday before the race), and on race day, it was clear there were lots of athletes using the SaltStick Caps- I saw that personally as well as a bit of litter on the ground, including some of the new green-white SaltStick Caps Plus product. Craig "Crowie" Alexander won his 3rd World Title and credits SaltStick for helping get him to the finish line and the win. There's an interesting little interview just posted here on Everyman Tri. In fact, SaltStick athletes finished in 6 places of the top 10 men, and some of the top women too! Here is a list of top performances by athletes using SaltStick products, to the best of our understanding:
Pro Men
Finish Place Finish Time Race Number First Name Last Name Country
1 8:03:56 1 Craig Alexander AUS
4 8:12:58 33 Dirk Bockel LUX
5 8:20:12 9 Timo Bracht GER
6 8:21:07 44 Mike Aigroz SUI
7 8:22:15 2 Raynard Tissink RSA
9 8:25:42 19 Luke McKenzie AUS
13 8:35:18 49 Marko Albert EST
14 8:35:53 27 Rasmus Henning DEN
16 8:38:11 50 Courtney Ogden AUS
17 8:38:36 29 Andy Potts USA
19 8:39:52 12 Jozsef Major HUN
21 8:42:39 35 Michael Lovato USA
27 8:50:00 48 Matty Reed USA
30 9:13:42 16 Petr Vabrousek CZE
31 9:15:08 46 Georg Potrebitsch GER
34 9:26:42 51 Hiroyuki Nishiuchi JPN
35 9:34:46 45 Mike Neill CAN
Pro Women
Finish Place Finish Time Race Number First Name Last Name Country
3 9:03:29 107 Leanda Cave GBR
8 9:17:56 116 Heather Wurtele CAN
18 9:50:11 125 Amanda Stevens USA
19 10:02:33 132 Joanna Lawn NZL
21 10:19:09 127 Uli Bromme USA
Congratulations to all athletes in the entire race for their participation. Just getting to the start line is a huge achievement! See you next year in Kona!