Ironman Hawaii SaltStick Results and Media

Oct 25, 2013

Ironman Hawaii SaltStick Results and Media
The Ironman World Champs in Kona, HI on Oct 12th, 2013 was another great show of athletic competition in unforgiving conditions. While this year lacked the harsh wind that often defines the event, the tropical heat and humidity remained. Add that to a stellar field where athletes often race to win or burn trying and 2013 was business as usual. SaltStick products were available at the on-site expo (thanks Tim and Blueseventy!) and the local bike shops. In the week leading up to the event, many high-end tri bikes were spotted with SaltStick dispensers installed, and of course these were used on race day. Lots of other athletes used the capsules, opting to either carry them in bags or containers or opening the contents into water to create a custom electrolyte drink. There were a few surprises on race day, and this photo gallery of the women's winning bike tells the story Here is a list of the pro results who publicly used SaltStick...and you can be sure others did as well!
Race Result Race Number Name, country Twitter handle
2 49 Mckenzie Luke AUS @lukemckenzie
5 7 O’Donnell Timothy USA @TOinTri
9 25 Bracht Timo DEU
16 46 Albert Marko EST @pantaani
17 30 Amey Paul GBR @paulamey
20 43 Tollakson Tj USA @tollakson
21 5 Alexander Craig AUS @CrowieAlexander
23 12 Johnsen Jimmy DNK @jimmy_johnsen
28 51 Legh Christopher AUS @ChrisLegh
31 11 Bell Luke AUS @auzzieluke
38 17 Vabrousek Petr CZE
Race Result Race Number Name, country Twitter handle
3 112 Liz Blatchford GBR @Liz_Blatchford
4 118 Van Vlerken Yvonne NLD @yvonevvlerken
9 104 Crawford Gina NZL @Gina_Crawford
11 115 Stevens Amanda USA @DrAmandaStevens
18 135 Rebecca Hoschke AUS @rebeccahoschke
27 127 Nystrom Eva SWE @evanystromcom
Check out this cool photo gallery of Craig Alexander's Specialized Shiv: and finally, a shout out to 2nd place's Luke Mckenzie, and his double mounted dispenser setup he kindly shared with the world via twitter (@lukemckenzie) and his mantra "shine, not burn".