SaltStick Fastchews Adds NEW Peach and Watermelon Flavors

Jun 17, 2019

SaltStick Fastchews Perfectly Peach and Seedless Watermelon
Toker Engineering LLC, the maker of SaltStick Electrolytes, announced today the launch of new “Perfectly Peach” and “Seedless Watermelon” flavored SaltStick Fastchews, which gives customers more ways to enjoy the already popular product line. Along with the current Zesty Lemon-Lime and Tart Orange varieties, Fastchews now feature four options to replace electrolytes lost through sweat. The new peach and watermelon flavors were developed after lengthy discussions and testing with athletes and customers. Currently, they are available in 60-count flip-top bottles, and in the coming weeks, 10-count resealable packets will follow. “Ever since we launched SaltStick Fastchews almost four years ago, we’ve received so much positive feedback from athletes about their experience with these products, I’m thrilled we can offer more options,” said Jonathan Toker, Ph.D., CEO of Toker Engineering and creator of SaltStick products. “Our company is committed to creating the best experience for our customers, and this is the latest step in that lifelong mission.” SaltStick Fastchews are the only chewable tablet products formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Ever since their launch in 2015, Fastchews have helped countless athletes reduce muscle cramping and heat stress, boost stamina and maintain electrolyte levels. The chewable tablets provide fast absorption and an enjoyable taste. “As a firefighter and dedicated endurance athlete, I feel like I'm always sweating,” said SaltStick athlete Brian Hackenburg. “I've been a loyal fan of SaltStick for years because their products are easy, tasty and effective. Fastchews have been a part of my nutrition routine at The Starting Line and on The Fire Line ever since they launched. I can't wait to add the new flavors to my stockpile.” SaltStick Fastchews are made in the USA, free of banned substances and independently tested. All ingredients are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian, fat-free, sweetened naturally with stevia and free of added colors. “I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 25 years and over the years, I’ve taken great care to stick to clean options when fueling my training and racing,” said Michelle Barton, a SaltStick athlete and ultramarathoner who has won more than 75 races throughout her career. “I’ve been a proud SaltStick athlete for more than ten years because their products are built from pure, simple ingredients without anything extra. I can be confident I'm giving my body the best tools to perform.” More information about SaltStick Fastchews can be found here. Customers in the U.S. who are interested in purchasing SaltStick Fastchews can do so at; international customers can find their nearest SaltStick® retailer by using our Store Locator at All photos and product descriptions of SaltStick Fastchews can be downloaded here.