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SaltStick & Bonk Breaker Fuel New Partnership with Olympian and Best-Selling Author Alexi Pappas

Apr 03, 2024

SaltStick & Bonk Breaker Fuel New Partnership with Olympian and Best-Selling Author Alexi Pappas

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIF.— April 3, 2024 / – Alete Active Nutrition, LLC (Alete) – a portfolio company that owns multiple sports nutrition brands, including SaltStick®, Bonk Breaker® and Vitassium® – today announced a three-year partnership with Olympic runner, award-winning filmmaker, and best-selling author Alexi Pappas. During the partnership, Pappas will help promote SaltStick’s portfolio of science-backed electrolyte supplements and Bonk Breaker’s all-natural, plant-based bars and chews to the next generation of runners and female athletes.

With NCAA titles, an Olympics berth, and a Greek National Record to her name, Pappas is a running force to be reckoned with. Beyond the track, her vocal advocacy for mental health awareness, positive body image, and female empowerment has inspired girls and women across generations. Over the years, Pappas has amassed a dedicated following of admirers known as “Braveys,” a word that pays homage to her viral poem “Bravey” about self-actualization, which NPR describes as “a battle cry for the young runners who idolize her.” Her proven work in writing, acting, and directing, all shown through Pappas' unique storytelling lens, has also demonstrated to athletes that they’re much more than their athletic ability.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Alexi to our family of science-backed sports nutrition brands,” said Noah McDermott, Senior Brand Manager at Alete. “As SaltStick and Bonk Breaker continue to scale within the bike-run-outdoor market, Alexi is the ideal partner as a trailblazer in re-defining expectations and re-inventing what it means to be an athlete in 2024.”

Getting sufficient energy and electrolytes is critical in all athletic feats. From the Olympic stage to marquee 100-mile trail events, Pappas has proven herself across all disciplines and distances in running. With an ongoing focus on marathon and ultra-marathon efforts, Pappas will dial in her fueling plans with the support of Alete’s in-house experts, while educating runners who are just beginning their journeys.

I see fuel as a powerful tool in unlocking our athletic dreams,” said Pappas. “I’m beyond excited to partner with SaltStick and Bonk Breaker because they’ve really made a difference in so many runners’ reaching their goals. I also admire that they’ve stayed consistent with their values for the past 15+ years.”

In addition to supporting Pappas’ athletic endeavors and activations at marquee races including the Boston and NYC Marathons, this partnership also entrusts Pappas as a creative advisor for the brands, with intentional space set aside for unique collaborative campaigns with other brands and organizations aligned with Pappas.

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