May 2010 Updates

May 20, 2010

May 2010 Updates
Welcome to the May 2010 SaltStick Newsletter! SaltStick athlete Jordan Romero (Age 13) is about to summit Mt. Everest. Also, lots of top performances by SaltStick triathletes and runners. Read on! Lisa

Can you run 50 miles a day in every US State?

Lisa Batchen-Smith undertook the project "Running Hope Through America" to help raise funds and awareness for orphan children. From April 19th to June 19th, 2010, Lisa Smith Batchen, one of the world's premier ultra-runners, will be the first person to attempt to run 50 miles in each of the 50 states. That's 2500 miles of running over just 60 days! SaltStick is along for the run, and has become a necessary part of Lisa's nutrition and hydration plan. In the words of her support team: "50 miles in 23 very hot, humid states has required a constant intake of SaltStick. Lisa feels good, runs strong and finishes every mile daily; this would have been impossible without your product! And it will be impossible to continue forward at the same pace without the regular dose of SaltStick." Check out their website: TimODonnell

Race Results:

Athletes around the world continue to win races using SaltStick products. this month we're featuring two of our top triathletes, Tim O'Donnell (USA) and Terenzo Bozonne (NZL) Tim O'Donnell- Age29, resides in Boulder, CO and aspires to represent Team USA at the London 2012 Olympics. Check out his website Recent race results:
  • 1. ITU Long Course World Championships
  • 1. Florida Ironman 70.3
  • 1. Calgary Ironman 70.3
  • 2. St. Croix Ironman 70.3
  • 2. Texas Ironman 70.3
TerenzoBikeweb Terenzo Bozonne- Age 25, resides in Auckland, New Zealand and Los Angeles, CA and is the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion. Check out his website Recent race results:
  • 2. Rev3 Olympic Triathlon
  • 1. St Croix Ironman 70.3
  • 1. Texas 70.3 / US Pro Champs
  • 2. New Orleans Ironman 70.3
  • 2. Ironman New Zealand Taupo
Keep tabs on both these athletes as they are sure to continue to duke it out with each other and other top pros in 2010! JordanEverest

Jordan Romero at North Col/Camp 1 and ready for Everest Summit!

SaltStick-sponsored athlete Jordan Romero, age 13, continues his quest for the 7 Summits. Jordan has ascended from "Advanced Base Camp" and today is at the North Col/ Camp 1. Based on the weather, he plans to summit Mount Everest over the NEXT FEW DAYS. By doing so, he will be the youngest person to ever summit the mountain, and after his planned ascent of a mountain in Antarctica, will be the youngest to complete the 7 summits. What do Jordan and his pro-adventure racer dad Paul Romero say about the product? "The SaltStick Caps are great, we make sure we take them at least every hour. People think Everest is freezing all the time, its not.. it can be scorching in the sun. We take them all the time regardless." Howard and Jack's Desert Race in OZ SaltStick athletes Howard Cohen and Jack Fierstadt just completed the grueling 6-day self-supported desert run in Australia's Kimberly area. The conditions were brutally hot and humid, and both athletes surpassed many others suffering from dehydration and cramping, using SaltStick Caps all day, every day. Congratulations to both Howard and Jack for finishing where few others would dare. Visit the race website here: Lifesport

LifeQuest Transitions Team Sponsorship

SaltStick is a proud sponsor of LifeQuest Transitions, an Adventure Racing Team based in Colorado. They sent us this cool photo that we just have to share!