March 2010 Updates

Mar 19, 2010

March 2010 Updates


Race Results:

On a high note, results are in from some recent races featuring athletes using SaltStick products. Miami International Triathlon:
  • SaltStick athete and 2009 ITU World Cup Champion & U.S. National Triathlon Champion MATT CHRABOT added a win at the 2010 Miami International Triathlon to his growing list of victories last weekend.
Ironman Malysia
  • 1. Belinda Granger (12th Ironman win!)
  • 3. Romain Guillaume (Image at race finish, note SaltStick dispenser on right hip attached to race belt)
Ironman China
  • 1. Luke McKenzie 8:41:15
  • 2. Jozsef Major 8:52:29
  • 4. Shingo Tani 9:19:01
Ironman New Zealand:
  • Women
  • 1. Joanna LAWN
  • 2. Gina CRAWFORD
  • Men:
  • 2. Terenzo BOZZONE
  • 3. Kieran DOE
Abu Dubai Long Course
  • 2. Dirk Bockel
  • 3. Rasmus Henning
  • 7. Jordan Rapp


Jordan Romero

Jordan continues his quest for the 7 Summits and in just one month Jordan is scheduled to head to Mt. Everest, the biggest challenge a 13-year-old has ever been brave enough to take head on. Unfortunately, this amazing quest has come at one of the toughest ever financial times. Getting to the mountain has proven to be an even bigger challenge than the actual climb. As a group, Jordan's Summit Club Sponsors (including SaltStick) have contributed over $10,000 (over the past 3 years) and made it possible for Jordan to travel to 6 continents and set 4 world records. It's been amazing and it's your support that not only gets Jordan to the base of the mountains, but also to the summit as he knows in his heart that all of you are with him every step of the way. We are asking for two things: a. That you please find a way to support Jordan with an urgent cash contribution to the Everest Summit Club b. Bring a friend to the effort. The aim is to match all the previous donations by March 12th. Jordan needs financial help now to make this expedition happen... visas, permits, travel and much more. When Jordan makes it to the summit of Mt. Everest he is going to become the youngest person to ever stand on the highest point in the World. It's an exciting time and it's going to be a crazy ride. Once Everest is complete, Jordan is going to be perfectly aligned to become the youngest in the World to climb the 7 Summits. Just one more peak to climb, Mt. Vinson in Antarctica. It's an amazing American story, and one that is going to inspire the youth of the world. Check out the new package, it's pretty slick, and the first 20 Everest Summit Club members will receive a free pair of Smith sunglasses. We hope you can help. Paul, Karen and Jordan

Crowie Fan Club

2-time Ironman World Champion Craig "Crowie" Alexander has been a SaltStick athlete and has used SaltStick capsules and dispensers as a critical component of both his Ironman Hawaii titles. A young Aussie, Ryan Haydon, has set up a "Craig Alexander Fan Club" and would like to encourage other like-minded athletes to join it. Here's the link: