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You fight hard to get through your workout. You shouldn’t have to fight to get in your nutrition.

Jason Winn, a division 1 quarterback turned long-distance triathlete, kicked off Bonk Breaker in an apartment kitchen nearly 20 years ago. Jason refused choke down bland energy bars, so he upgraded an old favorite: The PB&J. Just like his mom used to make after practice.

For the winning formula, he recruited gluten-free oats, real peanut butter, plus strawberry filling, and boom! The original PB&J Energy Bar.

It was an all-in-one knockout. Simple carbs for easy digestion and fast energy, with healthy fats to keep from crashing. Real food ingredients packed a punch of flavor he could look forward to. And, unlike the soggy PB&Js of old, it was mess free.

Jason never looked back.

"The OG" with arrow pointing to someone breaking open a PB&J energy bar

The name Bonk Breaker comes from a simple philosophy: A well-fueled athlete is less likely to hit the wall (or “bonk”), and great-tasting nutrition is key to eating enough. If you’re going to pummel your body day-in and day-out, you may as well pummel your taste buds with something you enjoy.

“Suffernot the sufferfest,” as we like to say.

We stick to gluten-free, real food ingredients and throwback flavors like Cookies and Cream, Apple Pie, or PB&J. NO dryness, blandness, or messiness – guaranteed.

Since Jason launched the first PB&J, the roster has grown to include more flavors, along with Energy Chews and Protein Bars to power performance and recovery. But the original Energy Bar remains the ultimate yardstick:

  • All the real food nutrition you need to perform
  • All the goodness of your mom’s PB&J
  • None of the other stuff

Learn more about Jason here!

Bonk Breaker PB&J Energy Bar
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