Jess holding 6 boxes of JoJe bars.

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Our team has taken a step back to reevaluate the long-term trajectory of JoJé Bar. To give ourselves space to develop the best path forward, we have paused production and run through our stock. We will remain out of stock for the indefinite future.

jess riding a mountain bike


Created by a professional athlete and chef with a passion for nutrition, JoJé is designed to keep energy levels steady, without upsetting your stomach.

natural ingredients in a joje bar


Our bars are soft-baked like cookies and made with premium, whole-food and gluten-free ingredients such as peanut butters, oats, maple syrup, seeds and real fruit.

community events and giving back


We’re dedicated to building inclusive communities of athletes who give back, because outdoor adventure and good food are better when shared together.