Our Team

We are active and love getting outside to play. We are founders and have founders‚Äô mindsets. We love to show up for our communities and each other. Our favorite times are when we are together as a team, running 5ks in speedos, preparing meals together, and cheering on sweat- and mud-covered athletes. Get to know us better!‚Äč



What I love: Hiking with my dog, Moxie. The occasional (yearly) pizza cleanse. Struggling through long-distance runs while listening to guitar-driven jams, then rewarding myself with barrel-aged stouts #balance. My fav products: Jojé Espresso Chocolate Almond, Bonk Breaker Cookies+Cream, SaltStick Tropical Mango Drink Mix

Bonk Breaker‚Äč


What I love: Trail running with Whiskey (dog not the drink, but enjoy drinking whiskey as well), surfing, MTB, coaching 7yr old soccer and baseball, dancing feeds the soul!¬† Favorite product: Bonk Breaker PB&J, baby!¬†‚Äč

JoJ√©, Product + Community‚Äč


What I love: Bikes - especially riding with my partner Sam + showing others the freedom that comes with riding! My home, Montana! Drinking wine and cooking (usually post-bike riding). Fav products: Lemon Blueberry Quinoa JoJ√© Bar (my fav creation), Strawberry & Green Apple Bonk Breaker Chews, and SaltStick Mixed Berry FastChews. ‚Äč



What I love: trail running, hikes with my wife and 1-year old puppy, and making made-from-scratch meals (he's a banana bread fanatic). Fav product: Coconut Pineapple FastChews. ‚Äč



What I love: Hiking in Marin & Yosemite, skiing, my 3 kids and husband, homemade jams, sauces, escabeche, pies, and soups, plein-air painting!  Fav products: SaltStick Lemon-Lime DrinkMix, SaltStick Mixed Berry FastChews, JoJé Lemon Blueberry



What I love: Anytime I can be outdoors with my family (including our dogs Peanut & Hazel). Bay area hikes with my wife and our friends.  Brews from beans or barley. Cooking that involves danger (flames, smoke & a 900-degree pizza oven). Working with this amazing Alete team! My fav products: SaltStick Coconut Pineapple FastChews, JoJé White Chocolate Coconut Blondie, Bonk Breaker PB&J Energy Bar



What I love: any motion ‚Äď running, biking, hiking, talking, or eating! A good competition, cooking with family, helping others, a good glass of wine. Fav product: I‚Äôm addicted to Bonk Breaker PB&J bars!‚Äč



What I love: running + hiking NorCal trails, the beach, chasing dragons with my son, singing in harmony, and French fries. Fav products: JoJ√© Espresso Chocolate Almond bars + Bonk Breaker Rainbow Chews ‚Äď energy all the way!‚Äč



What I love: running, surfing, doing puzzles, and snuggling my dog Benny. Fav products: Cookies & Cr√®me Bonk Breaker Protein Bars, LQB JoJ√© Bar, and Tropical Mango DrinkMix.‚Äč



What I Love: Road Biking, Working out at OTF, Traveling, Playing Board Games & Spending time with family & friends. Favorite Products: BB Rainbow Chews & Double Fudge Brownie and PB&J Energy are a tie!