Ironman World's 2012 Preview of SaltStick Pros

Oct 07, 2012

The Ironman World Championship 2012 is fast approaching on Oct. 13th and a host of international triathlon super-stars are ready to compete. A large number are confirmed or likely to be using SaltStick Caps and/or dispensers. To the best of our knowledge, here are athletes to keep an eye on:
1 Craig Alexander
5 Marino Vanhoenacker
7 Jordan Rapp
8 Timo Bracht
9 Jozsef Major
11 Chris McCormack
12 Marko Albert
14 Luke Bell
18 Dirk Bockel
19 Mike Aigroz
21 Petr Vabrousek
24 Ronnie Schildknecht
25 Romain Guillaume
26 Trevor Wurtele
37 Paul Amey
40 Timothy O'Donnell
43 Luke McKenzie
45 Rasmus Henning
51 Andy Potts
54 Greg Bennett
103 Leanda Cave
108 Heather Wurtele
112 Joanna Lawn
114 Gina Crawford
124 Amanda Stevens
Don't miss following the race live on! Best of luck to ALL athletes competing.