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Energy Chews for Athletes

The real-food nutrition you need to perform

How you feed your body matters, in sport and in life.

Bonk Breaker mixes classic flavors with simple ingredients for nutrition that’s spectacularly yummy — and crazy effective:

✓ All the real food nutrition athletes need to perform.
✓ All the deliciousness of your favorite snack.
✓ None of the other stuff.

What athletes have to say

"Love these energy chews during track and field meets! I compete in the B1G 10 conference and these help me through my pentathlons and give me a boost for hours! Great texture and flavor."

"I love the Tangerine Orange chews. The flavor is excellent if you love orange, or tangerine flavored items. They are easy to digest while working out, but they also satisfy my craving for gummies or candy when I am not working out. That alone saves me calories and unnecessary sugar intake. Thank you Bonk Breaker for making these!"

"The flavor is delicious, gummies don’t get stuck in teeth! Provide a great energy boost for long training runs or an afternoon boost!"

"These are so fun! A little bit of everything + electrolytes. Exactly what you need on a long workout to avoid boredom. The packaging is great too especially for warm weather."

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Energy for athletes

Through a combination of real food ingredients, Bonk Breaker Energy Chews provide fast acting carbohydrates and electrolytes to aid in muscle contraction. Unlike energy gels, they can be eaten in whatever portion you need.

More than 15 years ago, our founder, Jason Winn, made it his mission to create delicious, performance fuel made from real food.

Mixing incredible flavor with quality nutrition, Bonk Breaker has since become a hands-down favorite of individuals, teams, and organizations. We’ve earned our reputation at elite sporting events such as the Tour de France, IRONMAN World Championships, the Super Bowl – even the Olympics. Whatever the activity, and no matter the sport, we’re stoked to be a part of it.

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