Close up of hands breaking apart a Bonk Breaker Energy Bar

Bonk Breaker Energy Bars for Athletes

The real-food nutrition you need to perform

How you feed your body matters, in sport and in life.

Bonk Breaker mixes classic flavors with simple ingredients for nutrition that’s spectacularly yummy — and crazy effective:

✓ All the real food nutrition athletes need to perform.
✓ All the deliciousness of your mom's PB&J.
✓ None of the other stuff.

What Athletes Have to Say

"This bar is one of my favorites. Easy to eat and chew while on the go. Tastes great and is easy on your stomach so that your performance is not affected. I use it on long rides and runs, as well as a healthy snack when I am on the go."

"This is hands down my favorite bar. My friend gave me a PB&J bar during our backpacking trip, and it saved my energy from crashing. I instantly bought a box when I got back into reception because they're that good. The jelly layer in the middle... game changer!"

"You had me at salted caramel! It really hits the spot after a workout or snack. A hint of salt (electrolytes) and sweet (caramel) - I’m a big fan!!"

"All I can say is that I love these bars. These are my go to for a tasty treat and post run or ride refuel. I have minor digestion problems and I never have a problem with Bonk Breaker.... And they are delicious."

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Energy + Recovery

More than 15 years ago, our founder, Jason Winn, made it his mission to create delicious, performance fuel made from real food. After launching the PB&J gluten free bar, which he first crafted in his mom's apartment kitchen, Bonk Breaker was born.

Mixing incredible flavor with quality nutrition, Bonk Breaker has since become a hands-down favorite of individuals, teams, and organizations. We’ve earned our reputation at elite sporting events such as the Tour de France, IRONMAN World Championships, the Super Bowl – even the Olympics. Whatever the activity, and no matter the sport, we’re stoked to be a part of it.

Jason Winn eating a Bonk Breaker bar with his dog by his side

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