POTS Gift Guide 2023

Nov 29, 2023

3 women, each holding presents, and smiling

Welcome to Vitassium’s POTS Gift Guide for 2023! This guide will help you find the perfect gift for someone living with POTS (or other forms of dysautonomia!) or give you ideas for your own wish list.  

Our selection includes a range of items that are not just thoughtful but also practical for those managing this condition. So, let’s dive right in! 

Food & Drink  

  • Cute water bottle: People with POTS are often recommended to drink upwards of 2-3 liters of fluids a day, so why not do it in style?  
  • Slow cooker and kitchen gadgets: Thanks to symptoms like fatigue and heat intolerance, cooking with POTS can be difficult, but a slow cooker can be a game changer. Bonus points if you include slow cooker liners. Other useful kitchen gadgets could include an electric can opener, a standing mixer, or a vegetable chopper. 
  • Salty snacks: From pretzels to pickles, every POTSie has their go-to salty snacks. Just be mindful of any gastrointestinal issues or food allergies.  
  • Vitassium: No POTSie gift guide would be complete without electrolytes! Vitassium provides the sodium and potassium you need to support daily management, rapid symptom relief or on-the-go hydration. And it was designed specifically for people with chronic illness, meaning our products are plant-based, gluten-free, preservative free and free of artificial sweeteners, dyes or flavorings.  


  • Compression garments: Compression garments like socks and leggings can help limit blood pooling and improve blood flow for people with POTS. Many of them come in fun colors and patterns!  
  • Awareness gear: Show off your POTS pride! Many spoonies have their own Etsy shops or online stores where they sell t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as other fun items like coffee mugs, stickers, and blankets. Some of the shops Vitassium has proudly partnered with include Butterfly Spoonie, Grace & Brace, The Sick Person Shop, and Vacayability 
  • Loungewear and comfort items: Whether you prefer the couch or your bed, we spend a lot of time horizontal, so we better be comfortable while we’re doing it! Loungewear, fuzzy socks, a nice blanket (especially a weighted blanket), or certain pillows like wedge or U-shaped are all excellent gift options. 

Medical supplies 

  • Blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter: Many POTSies experience unstable blood pressure, so it’s important to have a reliable monitor. Consider pairing it with a pulse oximeter so they can track their heart rate, which is often abnormal in people with POTS, on the go! This would be the perfect gift set for someone who is newly diagnosed.    
  • Pill box: Taking meds is a regular part of most spoonies’ days, but no one said it had to be boring. Vitassium has a pill holder keychain so you can always have electrolytes ready when out and about.  
  • Cooling products: Although it's cold in many parts of the world right now, heat intolerance is a common symptom of POTS. There is a plethora of products to help keep your POTSie friends cool, like a personal misting fan, neck fan, cooling patches, or cooling clothes.  
  • Heating pad: We know we just said that many POTSies struggle with heat intolerance, but they may also experience chronic pain (the struggle is real...). If they find heat helps and doesn’t trigger other symptoms, there are many great options including heating pads, hot water bottles, and even microwavable plushies.  
  • Wearable ice pack: Unfortunately, headaches are among one of the most common POTS symptoms reported by patients. Enter: wearable ice packs like the original Headache Hat, which was created by migraineur Sherri Pulie.  

Health aids 

  • Grabber tool: Did you know that bending down can trigger POTS symptoms? A grabber tool is a great aid for picking up items while cleaning or even getting things out of the fridge.  
  • Shower chair: Showering can be difficult, if not nearly impossible, due to heat intolerance and blood pooling, but a shower chair can make symptoms more manageable.  
  • Telescopic stool: It’s not uncommon for a POTSie to sit on the floor of the grocery store due to symptoms. In times like these, a telescopic stool is a great thing to have, especially if you’re waiting in long lines or don’t know the seating options. 
  • Laptop desk: When you're in a flare, that often means having to do everything from the couch or bed, including eating and doing work or school. A laptop desk makes this much easier than trying to balance your computer on your stomach.  


  • Smart watch: If your budget allows for something more luxurious, this is it! A smart watch is the perfect tool for continuously tracking heart rate, which can be helpful for tracking patterns in symptoms and identifying flares.  
  • Robot vacuum: As we’ve mentioned, everyday tasks, like cleaning, can be difficult with POTS, but a robot vacuum can make a big difference. 
  • E-reader: An e-reader makes it easy to read without having to hold up a heavy book. It's a great gift for book lovers! 
  • Streaming subscription: A subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu can provide entertainment on days when leaving the house isn't an option. 

Gift certificates 

Gift certificates are the perfect low energy gift! It could be to the recipient's favorite store or restaurant, or something more practical like grocery delivery or cleaning services. You could even get them a Vitassium gift card to stock up on their favorite electrolyte products!