Vitassium vs. SaltStick: What’s the difference?

Jan 12, 2023

Vitassium vs. SaltStick: What’s the difference?

Vitassium vs. SaltStick: What’s the difference?

Did you know that Vitassium evolved from our sister company SaltStick

When SaltStick creator Jonathan Toker learned that people with dysautonomia were using SaltStick to increase their sodium intake, he created Vitassium to meet the unique needs of people with chronic illnesses that require higher salt intake. 

What’s the difference? 

  • Vitassium was made specifically for the chronic illness community, whereas SaltStick was made for athletes. A portion of Vitassium’s proceeds are used to support the work of Dysautonomia International. 
  • Vitassium contains only sodium and potassium, as requested by patients, whereas SaltStick contains additional electrolytes to replace what is lost in sweat. 
  • All Vitassium products are vegan, but SaltStick capsules are not vegan. 
  • All Vitassium products are free of the 9 FDA-identified allergens, but SaltStick Coconut Pineapple FastChews contain traces of tree nuts. 

However, all Vitassium and SaltStick products are non-GMO and gluten free and contain no artificial preservatives or dyes. 

Supporting you 

Vitassium also differs from SaltStick and other electrolyte brands by operating around supporting the chronic illness community. This includes: 

  • Offering up to 25% off our products to anyone who uses them to help manage a chronic illness through the Vitassium Club. 
  • Supporting organizations like Dysautonomia International, the Ehlers Danlos SocietyDysunderstood, and Rowe's Research Runners.   
  • Partnering with chronic illness advocates, artists, and small businesses to support their work and raise awareness of chronic conditions. 
  • And more! 

Side-by-side comparison  

  • Electrolyte Capsules: Vitassium Capsules contain 500mg of sodium and 100mg of potassium per serving, whereas SaltStick Caps contain 215mg of sodium and 63mg of potassium per serving. Vitassium Capsules are slightly smaller and easier on the stomach, as requested by patients. 
  • Electrolyte FastChews: Vitassium FastChews contain 125mg of sodium and 25mg of potassium per serving, whereas SaltStick Electrolyte FastChews contain 100mg of sodium and 30mg of potassium per serving. 
  • Electrolyte DrinkMix: Vitassium DrinkMix contains 500mg of sodium and 100mg of potassium per serving, whereas SaltStick DrinkMix contains 430mg of sodium and 120mg of potassium per serving. 

Some spoonies use Vitassium while others use SaltStick, and some even use a combination of both. You should talk to your healthcare provider about which products are best to meet your unique needs.