Have you been wondering how Vitassium FastChews fit into your routine? We can help you!

Nov 09, 2022

How do Vitassium FastChews help?

Don’t be fooled by the lower dose of sodium and potassium you get from Vitassium FastChews, as compared to other products. You see, FastChews aren’t designed to replace Vitassium Capsules and Vitassium DrinkMix. Rather, they’re designed to help you through those rough moments — and quickly!  They are another tool for your management toolbox. 

How do FastChews work? 

They do exactly what the name suggests. They work because of their quick absorption. And their great taste and fun flavors, grape and fruit punch, are added bonuses. The absence of ingredients such as GMOs and artificial sweeteners are the icing on the cake, or the salt in the shaker. 

Are you still wondering how they work fast? 

Chewable tablets provide fast absorption through buccal mucosa. That’s a scientific way of saying, “tissue in mouth.” Essentially, buccal mucosa absorption is the absorption of nutrients through the inner lining of the cheeks and tongue, and it represents the foundation of the “Fast” in “FastChews.”   

Electrolytes absorbed through the stomach or small intestine usually take about 20 minutes to spread throughout the body. Because the tissue in the mouth absorb contents directly into the bloodstream, the effects usually take effect in about 5-10 minutes after consumption for an average individual.  Keep in mind, this may be different at an individual level. 

If you’re feeling tired, lightheaded, or that presyncope feeling – you may need electrolytes. Vitassium FastChews will allow you to get those electrolytes absorbed into your bloodstream more quickly than if you were to swallow something like a capsule or drink. 

And the “Chew” part? Well, that should be obvious too – instead of swallowing FastChews, chew them first (like candy!) to kickstart the buccal mucosa absorption process. And if you do swallow them, try waiting a minute or two before drinking water, to avoid washing all those good electrolytes down into your stomach. They’ll still get absorbed – just not as quickly.